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Keep Your Eyes Halloween Safe: Decorative Contacts Can Harm Your Eyes


With the fall comes Halloween and with that, costumes. It's important to know of certain dangers to your eyes that could put a damper on the Halloween spirit.

Over the past few years, decorative contacts have been increasingly becoming popular especially with teenagers and young adults and the trend is causing serious concern amongst eye doctors. Contact lenses are a governmentally regulated medical device. It is against federal law for unlicensed distributors to sell contact lenses which applies to costume and party supply stores, however the regulations are often ignored. Unlicensed manufacturers may use subpar plastics or even dangerous dyes to color the contacts. Additionally, use of contacts without adequate fitting and care, can cause significant injury to the eyes or even vision loss.

For those who do wish to use special-effect contacts, it is essential to make an exam appointment with a licensed eye care professional. After a contact lens evaluation and eye exam, the practitioner will determine the proper size, curvature and if needed prescription required for the lens. The eye doctor will also give vital guidance on how to properly insert, remove and care for the lenses.

Although many people mistakenly view decorative contacts as just another cosmetic item, improper use of lenses can cause serious harm to your eyes and eye sight. Nothing should ever be put into the eye without proper professional involvement.

Only purchase contact lenses from an authorized seller that you can guarantee comply with all FDA regulations. Non-corrective lenses must also conform to health standards and need a proper prescription. Beware of websites, open markets or beauty supply stores that may carry unregulated contacts made with dangerous dyes. To determine whether the retailer has a license to sell contacts request their state license number and call the state Department of Professional Regulations (DPR) to check.

If your costume just won't be complete without decorative contact lenses, call your trusted eye care professional to discuss your options. Halloween shouldn't be a "frightful" night for your eyes. Be knowledgable about the dangers unregulated use of contacts can be to your eyes.